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Architecture is normally conceived and realized in response to an existing set of conditions. These conditions may be purely
functional in nature, or they may reflect, in varying degrees, social, economic or symbolic intentions. The act of creating architecture
is a design process and the first phase of this, is the recognition of a problematic condition and the decision to find a
solution to it. The realization of a functions is the ultimate goal of SUPA PROJEKT.

Environmental Impact / Feasibility studies

SUPA PROJEKT is capable of undertaking both E. I. / Feasibility Studies, first to evaluate the various aspects of the environmental effects, both adverse and beneficial of a proposed development, including the identification of measures for mitigating the negative effects, second, identifying the parameters of development and their effects on the client’s
the decision to develop. The results of this study would enable the Client to wisely invest his capital, or obtain development finance
for the most profitable form of development.

Cost Estimate And Budgets

Based on the brief of the Client’s requirement the practice will prepare an approximate cost estimate to allow for inflation and study
cost estimate to enable him budget for the development. Cost estimate may be updated periodically to allow for inflation and
study cost escalations. Through her continuous budgetary monitoring process, the firm ensures that budgets are not exceeded.

Cost Planning And Control

It is vital to operate effective cost control procedures during the design stage of a project to keep the cost within the Clients budget. Through cost planning from the sketch design stage, SUPA PROJEKT is able to control the cost of a project within a predetermined sum. Various design decisions are probed and cost alternatives are proposed, resulting in a balanced project in terms of
function, aesthetics, and cost. The process of cost control continues through to the post-contract stage and the Client is always made
aware of the level of his financial commitment at every stage of the project.

Project Management

The primary aim of project management is to establish the management and control of a project from inception to completion within the parameters of the Client brief. The Clients physical and financial objectives should be clearly identified and then procedures established and implemented to ensure that those objectives updated and modified as necessary, are achieved within the required time scale.

Package or Turkey Contracts

The term package contracts, when related to building and engineering work is generally referred to contractual arrangement whereby a contractor or management agency offers to design, erect, and service a building or engineering project for an agreed sum and period. With the assistance of her oversea technical partners and financial institution, SUPA PROJEKT undertakes turkey

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Engineering Services

Apart from Structural problems, building projects today are more complex than they have ever been before and this tendency is
increasing. A major part of the complexity is derived from the high engineering content. Engineering services are therefore being used
not only to adjust natural climate but also to impose other conditions on our natural environment. SUPA PROJEKT being a consortium
gives the practice a double step over this kind of inadequacy encountered in other firms.